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Breathing Education

Optimizing function of the airway to promote proper development of the mouth and jaw.


A Strong Foundation is Essential

We help your child re-establish optimum breathing.

Many children suffer from mouth breathing and forward head posture, which are often caused by modern birthing methods, incorrect feeding processes, environmental issues, nutritional problems, and more recently the use of phones and computers.

We promote proper face & jaw development through:
24/7 Nasal Breathing
24/7 Nasal Breathing
Proper Swallowing
Proper Swallowing
Proper Tongue Position
Proper Tongue Position
Good Posture
Good Posture

Through techniques like Buteyko breathing, restorative breathing, movement, and myofunctional therapy, our doctors can help your child re-establish optimum breathing.

Our doctors educate patients about proper breathing, swallowing, and posture.

Small imbalances in the mouth and jaw position can manifest in a long list of seemingly unrelated symptoms such as:

Frequent colds and flu
Ear Problems
Neck and back pain
Developmental delays
Behavioral issues
Jaw pain
Digestive problems
Hormonal Issues
Sleep Apnea
Sleep disruption
Brain fog

Optimize your child's face and jaw development.

Connect with our doctors to discuss improving your child's breathing.

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