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Laser Therapy

We utilize safe, gentle, non-surgical procedures to improve function, reduce pain, and relieve the impact of childhood trauma for infants and children.


Releasing Trauma with OroLase

The orofcaial zone is vital for developing resilience in a child's body.

The orofacial zone is central to the body’s natural integrative process, and for developing resilience. This typically occurs from prenatal development through aduldthood and involves a sequence of maturation events. To activate the orofacial zone, our doctors provide OraLase therapyd.

OraLase supports healing by accessing the limbic system as it:
Relieves Pain
Relieves Pain
Reduces Inflammation
Reduces Inflammation
Increases Blood Flow
Increases Blood Flow
Releases Trauma
Releases Trauma

OraLase is a laser-assisted, non-surgical procedure that uses an initial sequence of strokes, in a specific wavelength, intensity, and pulse shape, to activate the orofacial regions and release childhood trauma.

Typical symptoms from learning sequence gaps and unresolved traumas include:

Sleep disturbances
Chronic pain
Food fetishes
Fear (panic)
Self or body image
Unusual sensitivities

These symptoms profoundly influence natural pro-facial growth and development which is why our doctors utilize OroLase therapy to deliver a medical grade dose of healing energy through a thin fiber that safely transmits the light from the laser to the patient.

Safe for Infants & Children

Fotona Lightwalker & Waterlase light laser therapies

Since ALF therapy is founded on the principles of light force through harmonizing with natural laws, we use the Fotona Lightwalker and Waterlase, gentle light laser frequency to support the various procedures from restoring the teeth to soft tissue therapy. This technique can be safely used for infants, children of all ages, and adults.

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